The local branch of a volunteer organization to help victims and their families after a serious trauma or death.

Customer-specified colors and design.

A local Ramona insurance agent for Farmers, strangely enough.
Original logos, graphics, and code.

Reynolds Graphic Arts.com

Inherited site from a former employer. Graphics were from the original designer, but every line of code was repaired, rewritten, and replaced by hand to make it render properly.
JP Moto Concepts.com

A friend's site for online ATV parts sales. He still has not bothered to supply all the photos needed, so some areas still await further refinement.

Original logos, graphics, and code.

A local copy of a revised Intranet site made to mimic the other department's site's for a La Jolla DNA research facility. Links to specific documents are not available to the public. I could show you, but then I would have to kill you with a warm spoon.

Original and inherited logos, graphics, and code.

Two idiots started a used bike brokerage in Miramar. Their site was designed so they could add/remove content themselves as bikes were bought and sold. When the two of them split, I built a mirror site for the new shop (now closed) with minor variations from the original. Content, text, and photos were the responsibility of the respective owners.

Original logos, graphics, and code.

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