Since Honda didn't follow the lead of the NT650 Hawk and supply the Super Hawk with a centerstand, owners will need to pick up a race stand. Most any kind of simple maintenance like adjusting the chain needs the rear wheel off the ground. Unless you have a machine to mount and balance tires on rims, a mechanic is needed for tire changes, but there is no need to pay to have them take the wheel off the bike.

Lockhart stands are the most popular, mainly because of price and availability. Some race stands need spools on the swingarm. Many Suzukis like the TL and GSX-R come with a pre-threaded hole to bolt-on the spools but they are sold separately. This kind of stand is secure but the stand won't work on any other bike without spools. Lockhart sells generic spools in an assortment of colors, but you need to drill/tap holes in your swingarm. Even if you have the tools, it's still a risk to damage an expensive swingarm.

The stand I use is made by Suzuki but is a clone of the Lockhart generic stand. They use two rubber-padded brackets that cup the swingarm and pry the rear end off the ground. They are adjustable for swingarm width if you have other bikes of varying size.

The stand is deployable single-handedly. Just hook the pads under the swingarm, tilt the bike upright with your left hand, and push down on the stand to lift. If you flip up the kickstand while lifted, remember to put it back down before lowering the bike.

The unique aspect of the Suzuki stand is they sell an adapter that converts it to a front wheel stand (Lockhart used to sell the same kind of kit but has not cataloged it for a few years). Once you pull the rubber brackets out and slide in the adapter it has a post which sticks in the bottom of the triple clamp stem. Many other front stands lift the bike by the bottom of the fork legs. While this makes the stand fit a wider variety of bikes, it makes it a little harder to remove the forks. Lockhart sells some stands with the post but make sure you order the version with the correct size. This Suzuki model happens to use the right size for the VTR, as long as you don't mind the blue paint. If you plan on using the stand with other bikes, make sure the triple clamp stem hole is accessible. Some bikes mount their horn under the clamp and limit access.

Whichever front stand you use, it must be used with a rear stand. The rear holds the bike upright while the front just lifts the front half. The photos show the screw-style generic jack I have used in conjunction with the front. Normally I use a Lockhart rear in conjunction with the Suzuki stand.

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