Dave's black VTR with various polished bits and pieces

Just a pic of a custom VTR I stole from the Internet. Pretty, no?

Honda released a new color scheme for 2003, but no real updates.

Good pic of Eli's can of Spray Cleaner and some Altoids. Oh, and his VTR in his
office at Western Reserve Honda. I imagine you have to hide it from the
Harley customers so they don't feel so inadequate...

Heard there was a place called Glamis where everyone rides their bikes,
but they must not be done paving it, as it was mostly sandy...

Robert Hill has a "slightly" modified VTR with Harris rearsets, custom bodywork,
paint/graphics/lights by Makx, and I imagine a large hole in the wallet.

Eli's new yellow bodywork completes the "VTR Snowblower Option"

Check out that huge tail section. And the bike, too.

Lui trying a third set of pipes in U.K.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...



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