With yet another Hawk 650, yet another ride to Palomar...

At the SoCal Supermoto track day "school" with DRZ400's

And then Palomar with a slightly nicer DRZ400SM...

Finally, another VTR1000 pic...
Not mine. Really.

More Hawk. More Palomar.

And the KLR650 to Palomar, for no particular reason.

Big Connie, and still at Palomar.
(Convenient roadside photographer is convenient.)

Web forum ride on the KLR pig

First day on the FJ-09, at yet another day on Palomar...
Sadly, the FJ-09 is no longer with me, but the scars will last forever.

A matching set of wrists scars is nice.

But the old KLR650 still keeps working, even when it is cold in the mountains.

"Hey, let's try a BMW, it is more stately!"

"How about just another Aprilia Factory instead?"
Sure, why not.

My father liked the FJ-09 enough, he bought his own

For a commuter, picked up a retired police bike, and went to Mullholland Highway



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