Tapeworks has really good graphic kits that are much cheaper than paint.
Hard to not look like a dork when
hanging off of 3' wide handlebars

(gotta find a better place
for pictures...)

Eek, a mouse!

(Note hole in the knee. Good reminder to wear
leathers when testing a friend's CBR in a corner
before sticking an appendage out...)

SuperBike Magazine test report criteria #1:
"Yep, the front end comes up on your bike."

Now can I borrow your girlfriend for the day, also?

Once I figure out what that clicking noise is
from the front brake, it might have better modulation.

I know, even though I look real cool flogging Justin's CBR-F4i setting up for
Sunrise corner at Buttonwillow, all you are thinking of is Chris Farley
singing "Fat guy in a little coat..."

(Why are all the pictures of me on Justin's bike?
Don't I have a bike of my own?)

Matti Savolainen of Finland has fun burning motorcycles in his free time.



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