Once word got out Carl Fogarty was signing autographs, millions of hippies with bad teeth and Austin Powers' accents flocked to Mazda Raceway to be one of the first ones spit-on by royalty.
My very first sportybike.

Isn't pink cool?

Afterwards, I tried a bit lighter bike for no apparent reason.

And the discovery of Hawks begins...
After getting bored with asphalt, I "experimented" for a while, as many youths do, and I still have the scars to prove it.

Then I heard the call of the open road, and that voice sounded like Barry White, so I adopted a V-Max.

Ever find one of those embarrassing photos of yourself as a kid? Ever post them for the world to see like a moron?

(Remember, stickers make you go faster.)

But, like Rufus said of Wyld Stallion, I did get better.
"San Dimas High Rocks!"

(Man, I feel sorry if you got that. I am not proud )

I guess if you are going to act stupid, you might as well do it when you are young.
While there are many things wrong with this photo (including the focus), the cool
Vance and Hines race team T-shirt makes it all that much better...

FireStorm from Greg Ruhnau outside Cologne, Germany, as it was before...

... and as it was after. I have no idea what happened, but it still sucks!
He (had) a set of BOS high-carbon pipes, a lifted rear end, a
MRA-Race windshield, and thicker fork oil, seen here bleeding onto
the tarmac. He is currently looking for replacement parts, so
if you can help, e-mail me and I can forward it to him.

My newest toy. I was tired of endless Honda perfection and so much free-time due to rare malfunctions, so I invested in a KTM Duke II that will fill my garage with salty curse words and my criminal record with such fun-filled exploits as "public display of horn monos".

Isn't green cool?



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