Aprilia's streetfighter with chassis, suspension, and motor robbed from the Mille R bin, but with flat bars and a touch of gold.

Just needs red paint, eh?

Another update from Lui in Hampshire, UK. Included are Harris adjustable footpegs, ART high pipes, and minimized rear signals.

Found these floating around the hard drive the other day

Ever get that tingly feeling down your spine?

Duke Stoppie

Martin from Action North America seems to have a problem with his front brake.
At which point he jumped up on the seat to get away from the offending Brembo.

After a quick ride through the desert, this is the last photo of Justin's once-new F4i before the "van incident" only a few miles later. As Troy urinates on my rear tire while holding the camera, Justin vents his armpits in the 110 degree heat. We do not know why he was clucking like a chicken.

Bill Hassinger seems to have a stability problem.
I recommend Wellbutrin SR. Works wonders.

Justin getting back to riding again after his CBR laid down in front of oncoming traffic



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