Dad's first ride on a 250F, traded for the 450

The '07 wild fires in San Diego County burned out tons of good roads:

Palomar Mountain is crispy

Highland Valley Road was hit hard

Old Highway 94

Apparently the ST1100 wanted some attention, as it
set it's regulator/rectifier on fire coming home from work.
So I either, A) acted like Ah-nold and lit my cigar from it as it burned to the ground,
or B) screamed like a school girl, patted the fire out with my gloves, and blew on it
like a Bugs Bunny cartoon...

Borrowed the DL for some fireroads, but pretty cold pretending
to be a fat Ewan McGregor

Another pic from the local friendly Palomar Photographer
(and an example of not hanging over the double yellow on the street)

So I decided to get another Motard for the fun of it.
Does that make me re-Tarded?

And yet another GoD, another bike nudie pic...

The ST1100 is still racking up miles with no foreseeable exit strategy.



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