Just say no. Marijuana can impair judgement and speelling abilitie.

PalomarPics.Net does some pretty good work if he could make a dork look good.
 Unfortunately I managed to scrape my shiny new end-can right as I prepared to sell the bike...

I am now officially an old man. But it is nice to have room for the
little woman on the back of the Corbin and the resulting cargo in the bags.
Might not have as much use for the 'pucks with this one.
I might look into trying the Baby Butt 1000 rallys,
but those that know me also know my butt is soft and supple,
with only a light cover of fur.      Pics later.

And again with any used bike, the fun part is stripping it down and seeing
where the previous owner butchered it.   I firmly believe Honda Accord
engineers made this bike in their free time, although they forgot the
dual cupholders and rear window defogger.   Damn thing has detachable tranny,
timing belt, locking storage areas, optional ABS and Traction Control. Weird.

It might not be quite as fast as the ZX-7, but a bit
more comfortable on the back for trips along the coast.

I told my dad not to get his CR250 too close to my garage, it would
get taken apart also.



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